Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hurray for Winter Tyres!

Today, Thomas and I managed to have our winter tyres fitted correctly!  We found out that they couldn't be fitted correctly before because you have to actually change the bolts too.  So with the help of Thomas's Dad, we are now prepared for the winter - bring it on!

Funnily enough though....we have a bit of strange weather happening at the moment.  It is now November...there is no snow....what's going on Norway?!  The snow normally starts to arrive within the last couple of weeks of October, this is so strange!  Its probably because i'm here or something, the English girl has jinxed Norway.  I have jinxed it with my pure excitement to experience winter in Norway in its full form.  I feel like a little girl again, waiting, hoping, wishing for the snow to arrive!  Yes i'm 22 in a month.

Today was also the first time that I have made something called Kjøttkaker!  Literally translated as Meatcakes.  They are delicious!  Thomas's Grandma kindly gave me the meat I needed to make the meatcakes and gave me a few instructions on how to make them, easy peasy!  The only mistake I made was to use flour to 'mold' them together, apparently you can simply use water.  So because I used flour there are a few brown marks on the cakes, but apart from that, they tasted just as they should, delicious!  I am so impressed with myself that I served a Norwegian meal!  I even served the meal with Flat bread and Ripsgele (a type of jelly you serve with hot food, especially delicious on potatoes)  The meal even had approval from Thomas!

This is Norwegian Flat Bread, typically used as a side with hot meals, it is thin and crispy in texture, quite plain in taste, but very delicious with hot meals.

I'm not quite sure that Thomas and I have much planned for the next few days, hopefully we can have a relaxing weekend!  I shall keep you posted.

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