Sunday, 27 February 2011

What An Amazing Week

This last week has been the best i've had in a long while.  My boyfriend came to visit from Norway, really wish he didn't have to go yesterday...

I took him home to Bristol to meet my parents, my brother and my grandma,  all of whom thought he was really nice and enjoyed his company! :)  I gave him a tour of Bristol and the surrounding area as I also drove to Clevedon and Weston-Super-Mare, despite it being a dark and wet day, we had a wonderful time and he took plenty of pictures!  I let him have his first taste of fish and chips from a chip shop!  I can't believe they don't have any in Norway!  It was a pity that they didn't taste too brilliant though, however I think he enjoyed it even so.

I then brought him back to Southampton where I gave him a quick tour and he stocked up on cheap games!   (Cheap for a Norwegian anyway!)  We also went to Bella Italia, my favorite restaurant, of which he thoroughly enjoyed, so much so he made me promise that we would make a point of going there again every time we visit England once i've moved to Norway!  Yippee!

It was so hard, yet again, to say goodbye to him at the airport, I stayed until I could no longer see him after he'd walked through Security.  It literally feels like my heart has been ripped to a million shreds now that he's not here.  I've had a complete breakdown this weekend.  So much worse than normal, I guess it could be because i'm now used to seeing him in my apartment with me, rather than me visiting Norway instead.  I just can't seem to hold myself together, I knew I was going to be bad this weekend once he'd gone but I had no idea that I would be this bad.  Hopefully i'll be a bit better once i'm back at work tomorrow.

Really not looking forward to starting back at work though.  I mean I really love my job, don't get me wrong!  I've just gotten used to having the time off now!

I've now got 1 month to finish the majority of my work.  I have a funny feeling that this month is going to go super quick, too quick for my own liking.

I booked my tickets to Norway for the summer yesterday, 13 weeks and 6 days until I see Thomas again! <3

And before I go...did I mention i'd quit World of Warcraft?  No?  ...I can't believe it either ;)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Today I finally finished Chapter 1 for my dissertation.  It's not as great as I would have liked it but I think it meets all of the requirements so that's the main thing!  I'm just so glad that i've finally got it written.  That now means that I have 2 more chapters left to write and then my conclusion, so about 7000 words in totals - eek!  I should be able to get it done by easter though, as long as I write it at my own pace and don't rush it.  If I rush it I'm just likely to get writers block again.  My aim is to have it finished by the easter holidays anyway, so basically by the 1st of April.  Should be easy enough :)

As well as my dissertation I have to write my CV - which won't take long at all, only a few hours!  My aim is to do that once my boyfriend goes back to Norway.  Then that means that my careers assignment is completely finished.

Then I just have my group project to focus on, i have to write a few pieces about what we did and how we did it, so that can easily be done one weekend.  Then I have to write a reflective essay on how I personally think we worked as a team - that will just take a few hours also.

So in my opinion, i'm doing quite well!  In a months time I should have all my work for my final year completed!  I am definitely looking forward to the easter holidays!

Tomorrow i'm meeting up with an old school friend for a couple of hours which should be nice, I haven't seen her for a couple of years now.  not sure what we're going to do though, I don't have any money :(

I can't believe that in 3 days time my boyfriend will actually be feels so unreal!  I'm so excited you wouldn't believe, I can't wait to just be able to touch him again, to smell him, to see him lying next to me when I wake up.  Jeg elsker ham så mye <3

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Brand New Day!

What a turn around! After such a gloomy weekend i've been the happiest today that i've been in a very long while, despite being absolutely exhausted from the weekend and not being able to sleep last night.  It's like I have a spring in my step!

Last night my boyfriend came back after realising something was up and he managed to cheer me up completely :) he's perfect that way, knows exactly how to make me smile again :)  I guess that's why I feel so happy today, he made me realise that i've been stressing too much over my work and I shouldn't let it get to me at all, made me realise i've been trying to cram so much work in at once when I can only do so much.  Silly me and my high expectations!  So because of that, i've not done any work at all today, decided to give myself a complete rest so that I can start on it again tomorrow.

So i'd just like to say a huge huuge thank you to my boyfriend...Thomas Johan.  You make me feel like the happiest girl alive, you are my world, my everything.  Jeg elsker deg.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 3

Today has been yet another down day.  Been in complete agony all day, no thanks to mother nature.  I've actually not been able to move more than enough times throughout the day, worst i've had yet.  I've also ripped my hands to shreds because I had to hand wash some of my clothes earlier, can barely move them at all.

I feel like a complete failure as i've only managed to write half of chapter 1 this weekend.  I'm going to attempt to write some more after this but I doubt i'll get anywhere, not while I'm this down, I just can't think.

I just need someone to talk to, cheer me up, take my mind off things.  Was looking forward to talking to my boyfriend this evening but as soon as he came home he went straight back out.  So I guess i'll just bottle it all up inside like I used to.  Or who knows, maybe writing it here will make me feel better without realising it, I don't know.  I just really wish the next few days aren't anywhere near as bad as these last 3 have been.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 2

So i've had the worst thing that could've happened to me this weekend, i've got writers block.  I seriously feel like I worked myself out yesterday writing my careers essay.  I've tried to make a start on my dissertation chapter 1 but I really haven't got that far.  Ok so i've managed to write my abstract, my introduction and 600 words towards chapter 1, but I need to write at least 1700 more words.  I just can't bring myself to do it though, i've got a total mind blank!  So now I'm just trying to find something to do that will relax me so that perhaps I can have another try before I go to bed tonight, if not then i'll just hope that tomorrow I'm in a working mood as if I don't get chapter 1 finished this weekend, I will feel really disappointed with myself.

I have managed to clean my apartment this morning though, as soon as I managed to drag myself out of bed.  I just lead there for nearly 3 hours this morning, wide awake, just not wanting to move.

Still missing the boyfriend too, can't wait until I can speak to him again, he's the only one that gets me through these tough times :/

So here's the updated to do list for this weekend, lets just hope tomorrow is a better day.

  • Finish Chapter 1 of my Dissertation!
  • Watch the rest of the Documentaries I have left to watch for Chapters 1 + 2 of my Dissertation

Day 1

So we've reached the end of my first 'day of work'.  And I have had quite an accomplishment.  I finished my career's essay!  All I'm waiting for now is to hear back from the Norwegian events companies that I emailed so that I can use what they say as a reference (hopefully) I'm waiting to hear the average working hours and salary etc...  So..I'm practically finished!  Quite proud of myself to be honest.  So hopefully i'll be able to get through quite a few of my things on my to do list tomorrow.  Here's what's left:

  • Clean my apartment (Weekly Clean!)
  • Start Chapter 1 of my Dissertation
  • Finish Chapter 1 of my Dissertation!
  • Watch the rest of the Documentaries I have left to watch for Chapters 1 + 2 of my Dissertation

I'm feeling quite optimistic at the moment.  Work wise anyway...kind of struggling without my boyfriend though to be honest, he's only gone for a few days to visit his family but it hurts like hell :/  Even if I am going to see him next weekend.  Ah well, I guess I just have to stay strong and keep my head down in my work.  I'm sure this weekend will fly by.

Friday, 11 February 2011

And so it begins...

This weekend for me is titled 'Work Weekend'  Even though...weekends are meant to be for fun and the week days for work...  I have an essay to write and my first chapter for my dissertation!  I think I should be able to get all of this done, especially as my boyfriend has gone to visit his grandparents for the weekend.  A lonely weekend for Kirsty!  So to try and fill my time I am going to try and get all of my work done so that I have a free week when my boyfriend visits next weekend.  I can't believe he's going to be here in just 8 days time!!

So my to do list for this weekend is:

  • Finish my Careers Essay
  • Clean my apartment (Weekly Clean!)
  • Start Chapter 1 of my Dissertation
  • Finish Chapter 1 of my Dissertation!
  • Watch the rest of the Documentaries I have left to watch for Chapters 1 + 2 of my Dissertation

A busy busy weekend lined up for me!  As my weekend always starts on a Friday as I don't have any Uni or Work on these days, so far I have written half of my Careers Essay, so that's a promising start.  Hopefully i'll have the essay finished by tonight!  It seems much easier than I first thought, especially as it's just me writing about what I want to do when I finish University.

I've just said goodbye to my boyfriend until Sunday so...let the work begin.  I'm going to have a quick lunch then try and finish my careers essay, I shall keep you posted.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Misty Covering

I hoped for a better day and I got a better day.  This morning Southampton was covered in thick fog.  I couldn't see anything from my apartment up on the 8th floor!  I opened my curtains to a block of grey.  Down on the ground though whilst I was walking to work you could see about 8-10 metres in front.  I took a few photos, everything looked so pretty.  I think it was mainly due to not being able to see any concrete buildings anywhere, just the lovely trees and parks up ahead, I didn't feel like I was in a city at all.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Better Days...

Isn't it funny how days turn out?  Today started out such a bad day, every weekday morning for about 3 weeks now i've been feeling sick when I wake up, I just can't eat anything, so I end up forcing myself and then being late for work - not good!  I'm fine on the weekends but as soon as the week days come, I'm all over the place!  Luckily though work was really quiet so I could relax a bit until I felt better, but then it became too quiet that I actually became rather bored!  I can't believe how empty the library was today!  It was exactly the same this afternoon, there were no books to put back at all!  I ended up reading a book because I was so bored...woops!

At the end of the day I couldn't believe my eyes when I finished my second shift at work.  It was still daylight!  Even by the time I had walked home, I thought perhaps it was time to change the clocks again soon seeing as it's starting to get quite light again but that isn't until the 27th March!  It was a lovely surprise for when I finished work.  Didn't feel like i'd missed the day again!

Tomorrow is quite a relaxing day for me really, i've got work in the morning then nothing for the rest of the day, i'll probably use the time to work on my dissertation or the sound effects for my group, I feel like I'm getting so behind.  I was meant to work on the sound effects tonight but I couldn't because i've misplaced my headphone adaptor to enable me to listen to Pro Tools, so I failed big time on that one.  Hopefully i'll be able to borrow an adaptor from Uni tomorrow though and get some work done then, I feel like i've let my group down!

So here I am wishing tomorrow will be a better day, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Been quite a relaxing weekend really, as well as doing uni work of course.  I've managed to find a collection of useful sound effects for my group's game work today, I just have to start putting them together tomorrow.  Also written a bit towards our group portfolio (we all set ourselves a little bit of homework!)  So everything is coming along quite well.  Still feel like I'm snowed under with work at the moment though, I really hate that feeling.  It's like I have a constant bad feeling building up inside my chest, waiting to explode.  It just won't disappear until I have most of this work done, I have another essay that I haven't even started on yet, I'm so doomed.

Good news on world of warcraft.  My warlock Marcelle (my main) finally got the HC trinket that i've been trying to get for nearly 3 weeks now!  It's such a relief!  That meant I finally got the superior achievement, I felt so bad without it, kind of embarrassing!  Been raiding tonight, I was surprised I was picked at all to be honest, there were a lot of people signed up.  I really enjoyed being in a raid again though, even if it was a wipe night.  Gives me something to do in the evenings instead of feeling lonely 24/7! Marcelle.  Just thought i'd introduce her to you all.  

Got a busy week coming up, it's the last full week that I have to do any work before my boyfriend arrives from Norway,  I have quite a few meetings too.  I shall keep you posted.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Interesting Finds...

Today has been quite a relaxing day.  I've read a few books towards my dissertation, I only have 2 left now 'The Satanic Bible' and 'The Companion To The Satanic Bible'.  They should be...interesting.  I was hoping to make a start on my first chapter this weekend but due to still reading books and having to work on the sound effects for the game my uni group is working on, I just haven't had the time!

My boyfriend found an interesting website today  it's a place where you can create an account and check all the movies that you have watched.  After doing this, the website then recommends movies that you may like by using information from other users who like the same movies.  You can also become friends with other people and compare which movies you both like and see if there are any movies that they watched that you may be interested in.  So far I have checked 191 films, i've still thousands of movies to search through!

Exactly 14 days to go until I see my boyfriend...I really can't wait!

Played warcraft quite a bit yesterday, mostly on my alt priest.  Really impressed with how fast she's leveling!  I'm leveling it with my boyfriend's shaman which makes it even more fun.  I'm really quite impressed with how i've taken to playing a priest too.  My main character is a warlock which is pretty easy seeing as you don't have that many responsibilities.  Whereas on my priest I now have a whole lot of responsibilities!  If anyone dies....I get the blame!!  That's why I was a bit weary of playing this class at first  because I get stressed quite easily but so far i've been able to manage quite well, i've surprised myself!

I came across an amazing song in world of warcraft today whilst on my warlock, it literally made my hairs stand up!  It's called 'Nightsong'  it's incredible.  I suggest you listen.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Your Song

Didn't get a spot in the raid last night, ended up just doing more uni work.  Still feeling a bit insecure today but I'm a bit happier.  Managed to read through another uni book before I went to work this morning. Nearly finished with my reading now.  I got a new book from the library 'A History of Scandinavia' by T.K.Derry.  I can't wait to read it because not only will I be using the information from this book for my dissertation but also I can't wait to read it for myself.  Especially seeing as I'm going to be moving there in October, I should probably learn a bit about the history of Norway!

Me and my boyfriend have recently decided that i'll definitely be moving out to Norway in October, hopefully sometime in the second week.  I really can't wait!  Only 8 months to go!  My boyfriend said that he'll be able to afford for both of us to come back to England for my graduation at the end of November, I'm so excited!  Also starting to make me panic a little though, I'm just thinking to myself....I need to start getting sorted, e.g tax forms, postal forms, possible police records?  So much to do!  I'm going to start researching what i'll have to do exactly before I move out there.

Only 16 days to go now until my boyfriend comes to England for the first time, I really can't wait to see him :)  we're going to have the best time!  I can't wait for him to meet my family either, I just know that they're going to love him!  I'm going to show him round Bristol when he gets here so he can see where I grew up, then when we come back down to Southampton i'll show him round too, should be fun :)

Going to play a bit of warcraft tonight just to keep me relaxed a little, tomorrow is non stop uni work day (until the evening of course)  Not looking forward to that at all...

Meanwhile, here's my favourite song ever. (I'm using it to practice my singing at the moment!) I suggest you listen to it.  It's bound to make your hairs stand up.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Just Another Day

I feel like a complete idiot today, I keep having these moments where...I feel it's not actually me, and I only realise once the incident has happened.  The only thing I can put it down to is Uni stress, i've never ever acted like this before, keep doing really stupid things.  I swear one day they're going to get the better of me and I'm going to really hurt someone I truly love.

Hardly slept last night at all, it was extremely foggy so all of the ships were using their fog horns, I feel so exhausted today, a bit ill too.  Yet I still have Uni work to do! It's never ending.

Just finished watching 2 documentaries for my dissertation, only a few more to go but I won't be watching them today.  The most informative of these was Death Metal Murders, I can't believe some of these 'sacrifices' actually happened.  But then again I had to laugh near the end of the documentary when the Italian Priest said that Black Metal is the 'wrong kind of music'.

Death Metal Murders Documentary

Raid time tonight on world of warcraft, hopefully i'll get a spot in the raid, really need some time to take my mind off of everything :/  if not I guess i'll just be doing even more Uni work, I keep telling myself i've only  3 months left at Uni but I don't know if i'll get through, it's really taking a hold on me :/

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Woop woop

Just finished reading probably one of the most important books for my dissertation.  So important that it's taken me 2 weeks to read through it and take out the important references - there are so many!  Only 7 more books to go and 6 documentaries....woop woop.  I feel as if this dissertation will never be started let alone finished.

Feeling a bit low today, don't really know why.  I just feel kind of lonely I guess.  Isn't it funny how you can feel lonely yet you know there are people that love you.  I guess it's because I live alone or something, doesn't really help at all with all of this Uni stress.  Just wish there was someone here to cheer me up and offload some of this stress with.  I hate living alone.