Monday, 12 December 2011

Busy Busy Bee!

Huge apologies for the silence over the last few weeks, I've been so busy!  I went back to England and had an amazing time, I met with the family, shopping in Bristol, then I graduated!  I can't believe it actually happened and that I've actually finished University.  It still hasn't sunk in and I don't think it ever will!  I had to wear the silly gown, which looked ridiculously huge on me, because of my super skinny shoulders the gown wouldn't stay up so I kept having to hoist it back up, annoying!!  I was so nervous when it was my turn to walk up on stage and shake the Chancellor's hand too, so scared I was going to fall over or that I was going to lose my hat, extremely nerve wracking!  In fact, I was so nervous that I barely remember the actual ceremony!  It was still a lovely day though and I was so glad that my family and Thomas were there with me.

Since being back in Norway I've turned 22!  It was my birthday last Saturday and I had such a wonderful day.  Thomas was due to work (or so I thought) then an hour later I have a knock on my door, who else is it but Thomas stood there with flowers, I was so shocked!  That was a lovely surprise!  I spent present opening time on Skype with my family and then used my time to make my own birthday cake, cakes in Norway are super super expensive and they don't sell them in their supermarkets, crazy!!  In the evening Thomas had booked a table at my favourite restaurant, where they surprised me again with ice cream with a sparkler in it, amazing!  So thanks again to Thomas for giving me such a wonderful 22nd birthday.

The next day we put up our Christmas decorations, our tree looks amazing!  (even if I do say so myself...)

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, despite the fact of not being with my family, that will be extremely odd and I really am missing the fact i'll be able to celebrate with them this year, however this will be the first proper Christmas that Thomas and I spend together and it is my first Christmas in Norway, i'm really looking forward to see the Norwegian Christmas traditions!  Thomas and I have finished buying Christmas presents for everyone, we just have to get wrapping now, bring on Christmas!  (I'm super super excited!!)

We have finally had our first proper snowfall too, the first snowfall was around 3 inches, followed by another 3/4 inches a couple of days later, it really does look like a winter wonderland outside now.  This was also the first time that I have EVER had snow on my birthday, despite being born in December, i've never had snow on my birthday until now!  I love going out nearly every day now just so that I can walk in the snow, i'm like a little child!  I even made my very first snow angel when we had our first fall, even Thomas was saying that i'm like a little child, I just love snow!  He's determined that i'll be fed up of it in 6 months time.  We shall see, but for now....Let it snow!

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