Friday, 27 May 2011


There's only 8 days left until I make my summer trip to Norway - I can't wait!

I realise its been a while since my last post however I have been quite busy.  I have recently moved back home to Bristol after finishing my studies at University, all I can do now is sit and wait!  I received an email today stating that i'll be receiving my results on the 14th July...eep!  That means i'll be in Norway at the time.  I'm both excited yet nervous at the same time, I might have to get my boyfriend to look at my results before I do...too scared!

I've been having a huge clear out in my bedroom the past few weeks, getting rid of some useless stuff that I have no idea why it was still in my room.  I've actually made quite a bit of space and have managed to get all of my sewing supplies and machine in my cupboard - its a huge achievement I tell you!

Who ever thought that it would cost so so much just to prepare a package!  All of the supplies that are needed is quite incredible!  I spent around £14 today on special packaging tape (that my shipping company demanded I use), 'Fragile' tape, 'This Way Up' stickers, and 'Documents Enclosed' Packet, I might also have to buy bubble wrap yet - I feel extremely poor!  Especially after my MOT on Monday, that came to a total of £272 after one of my wheel bearings had gone.  I seriously hate how cars seem to suck your money away so easily, especially when you're so poor at the time.

All of that aside, I literally can't wait until I am in Norway again - I finally get to see my boyfriend again after just over 3 months of waiting, its going to be amazing :)

Well that's all for now - but I can promise you this..I'll definitely be keeping you up to date whilst i'm in Norway that's for sure!  But until then...farewell.

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