Sunday, 11 September 2011

Long Time No See!

I apologise for my very very long absence!  I know I said that I would write to you during my stay in Norway in the summer, however there just wasn't much time!  I was non stop busy!

I can tell you however that I had an absolutely brilliant time and can't wait to get back there!  I finally met my boyfriend's parents, who are such lovely people.  We stayed at my boyfriend's Mum's house up on an island called Hitra - so beautiful!  We also stayed with his Grandparents for a few days here and there (they don't live too far away!)  We went on a trip to Ikea as I wanted a shelf to keep all of my books when I eventually take them all over...amongst other things.  Also my boyfriend bought his first car!  However he didn't have his driving license at the time so I had to drive the car back on the 2 hour drive - my first time driving abroad!  I had to drive on the opposite side of the road...sitting on the opposite side of the car - very scary!  I also managed to take out some norwegian childrens books from the local library to try and help speed up my norwegian.  It really did work!  I improved so much just during my 6 week stay that I am confident that I shall pick the language up quite quickly when I begin my lessons in October.

I move out to Norway for definite on the 13th October, only 5 weeks left.  Until then I have to sell my car, sort out my bank account, contact student finance, pay off my car loan, pay out my overdraft, and ontop of all that....i'm trying to make xmas stockings ready to sell to try and help me along a bit!  There's only 32 days left to do all of this, my time is fast running out.

My aim is now to try and keep up with my blog so that I can document my preparation and my actual move abroad, that way I can look back in the future to see what I did, how I got on etc...Wish me luck!

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