Wednesday, 8 February 2012

An extremely belated Happy New Year!

I apologise for the VERY late blog update, however Christmas arrived, and then the new year, then I started my Norwegian classes and everything's been super super busy!  I shall give you a brief update, as brief as possible as not to bore you!

So we last left off from the 16th December, not long after that, Thomas and I traveled up to Hitra to stay with his Mum for Christmas.  It was very strange for me not to be in England for Christmas, it was my first time away from home during the festive season, very odd.  However I did have a lovely time, I enjoyed new experiences and celebrating Christmas the Norwegian way.  The Norwegian Christmas day is on the 24th December,this was very weird!  Yet festivities didn't start until the evening, Norwegians don't open their presents until the evening, I couldn't believe it!  I'm so used to Christmas's in England where we always open our presents in the morning and carry on with the festivities throughout the day, it very much felt like Christmas hadn't arrived until the evening!  We had what the Norwegian's call 'Ribbe'  which is basically some pork ribs with amazing crackling on the top, prepared with all kinds of spices, it is extremely delicious!

With the Ribbe we had boiled potatoes, red cabbage, 'Jul pølse' which is 'Christmas sausage' literally translated, this is a white sausage that Norwegians only eat during the Christmas period, it tastes just like English sausages!  I wish they sold this all year round as I would buy it all the time!  Very delicious.  After we had finished eating we then went into the living room and opened our pressies.

On the 25th it was just like a normal day, however I called my family on Skype and we opened our pressies together as this was our Christmas day!  It was very nice to be able to see and speak to my family on Christmas day, especially being able to see my Grandma as I don't get to very often since I moved away.

Thomas and I drove back to Elverum on the 28th ready for the New Year!  We went to a friend's house to celebrate and during the celebration we went outside and went on to the top of a nearby hill to see all of the fireworks in Elverum, it was such a beautiful sight!  Seeing the fireworks being set off, surrounded by snow with a view of Elverum, beautiful!  It was a lovely way to welcome in the New Year!

On the 9th of January I started my Norwegian lessons.  Everything is going well so far and I have already picked up quite a few words and phrases, i'm so proud of myself!  My Norwegian writing has hugely improved!  I still need to work on actual conversation though.  It is very difficult to remember the words when you are actually speaking to someone as you don't have the time to think about which word should go where, what words to use, very confusing!  The longer it takes me to decide the more agitated I get!  Hopefully this will improve soon.  

I have also made a lovely group of friends from Norwegian classes, we all get on really well and spend a lot of time together away from classes too.  We are from 5 different countries!  England (of course...) Thailand, the Philippines, Bulgaria and Columbia!  We often go to each others houses and make each other food from our own countries, it will be my turn in March!  Today we are going to the Bulgarian friend's house where we will try Chicken liver....i'm not looking forward to it as it doesn't sound too appealing however i'm willing to give it a try.  Yesterday I tried chicken heart as my Thai friend brought in lunch for us all in class, I didn't like the look or thought of it however it tasted just like chicken!  I don't think i'll be eating it by choice in the future though as the looks and the thought of it put me off, despite whether it tastes alright or not!

Apologies again for not posting much recently as I have been extremely busy however I shall try and be a good girl from now on!

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