Sunday, 19 February 2012

What a week!

So following my last update I have been bugged with a bad cold, they always seem to hit me hard, its like they try to punish me for something!  I've not been up to much at all really, I haven't even been doing my housework! (Quick update, if i'm not cleaning there's something definitely wrong with me).  Our apartment has been a mess the whole week.  I managed to drag myself to school on Thursday seeing as it was only a couple of hours long and was the last day before the winter holidays.  I was given my Norwegian test results (I had a short test during the week) I managed to get 89%, i'm so chuffed with myself!  Other than that, nothing!

Today though I have finally cleaned our apartment now that i'm well again.  We can have a nice roast dinner tonight too which i'm really looking forward to, mmm roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings....over the last few days, Thomas and I have been living off ready meals because he came down with a bad cold too, he had to have a few days off work, so we've both been down in the dumps!  The worst time to get ill is when you're both ill as then the other can't look after you, you actually have to try and fend for yourselves...

Now that Thomas is feeling better too he has gone to his football manager course this weekend so I've the whole apartment to myself!  (To do some cleaning. Yawn)  I was going to go out for a little walk today as it is absolutely beautiful outside but by the time I finished my cleaning the sun had disappeared for a while, typical! I'll be taking the car to pick Thomas up soon anyway, thought I better give it a little run so that we don't have the battery dying on us again like last week.

I've still no update on the job department i'm afraid, so I have the whole of next week to myself seeing as its the winter holidays so there is no school.  I think the weather's meant to be quite nice, quite warm too, around 4 degrees apparently!  Hot!  So perhaps i'll have a chance to go for a few strolls then.

I really can't believe its nearly March already, where does the time go??  In a way it is a good thing as it means it is only 6 weeks until I go back to England for the Easter holidays to see my family!  Of course I won't want time to fly by whilst i'm there though, which of course it will.

Well that's pretty much all you have to catch up on for now, I've really not done anything whilst I've been ill.  Hopefully i'll get up to a few adventures next week on my week off!

...Signing out :)

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