Thursday, 9 February 2012

One Experience After Another!

This week has definitely been one I won't forget!  Earlier in the week I was given the opportunity to try chicken heart.  My Thai friend made lunch for all of us in class which included a mixture of vegetables in a spicy sauce with chicken hearts.  I must admit, they didn't look too appetizing, especially after I had noticed that I could see one of the valves in a heart that was on my plate!!  I gave it a try though and it tasted just like chicken!  I was pleasantly surprised!  However I don't think that I will be eating any more anytime soon by choice, the look and thought of it is enough to put me off!

Yesterday I went to my Bulgarian friend's house as it was her turn to host a meal!  What did we have?  Chicken liver.  For an English person...eating the insides of animals isn't normal!!  She served chicken livers in a dish with onions, all baked in the oven.  She also made a combination of an egg, Bulgarian cheese and pastry thing.  It tasted absolutely delicious!  I might even try my own combination in the future, it was so yummy!

The chicken livers however didn't have such an exciting outcome from me.  The taste was actually alright, it was more the texture that put me off.  The texture is not like meat at all, it just seems to turn into a paste in your mouth, very strange.  So it was the thought and the texture of the liver that put me off this time, I won't be eating anymore anytime soon if I don't have to!

I did however have a lovely time, Ani was a great host!  Its lovely to finally have my own little group of friends here in Norway!  We all seem to get along really well.

After the meal, on my way home I decided to take some pictures as the sun finally came out!  It has been all cloudy and dull here in Elverum for nearly 2 weeks now, a little bit of sunshine goes a long way!  The temperature has warmed quite a bit to what we have been used to recently too, it is at an average of -8 at the moment.  I'm finding it quite hot!  The snow has started to melt on the very tops of roofs and icicles have started to form on the edge of roofs, making it extremely dangerous for the pedestrians below.  My boyfriend is constantly having to knock them off our roof by our front door, otherwise walking to our door is like walking through a death trap!  Especially with the huge patch of ice at the bottom of our steps.  I don't like it when the snow melts.

Elverum Hospital

Here you can see how deep the snow is as the gravestones are practically hidden in the cemetery.

Elverum Church

This weekend, Thomas and I will be off to Osen to visit his grandparents so i'm sure we will be busy!  Its always lovely to see them, Osen is a lovely place too, so beautiful.  I'll make sure to take some pictures!  This will be my last update for the week seeing as we are going away the Norwegians say 'God Helg!' 

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