Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Scary Adventure

Since the last time I wrote I have started back at my Norwegian classes as the winter holiday is over.  It felt strange to be back at first even though it was only a week, however I still enjoyed being back nevertheless.  We are currently studying about England's favourite topic, and what seems to be Norway's favourite topic too, the weather!  I have recently found out that my Norwegian teacher reads my blog!  Så jeg må skrive på norsk nå ikke sant? Lol.

The weekend before we started back at school, Thomas and I took a little trip up to the Elverum ski jump.  I had a huge surprise.  You are allowed to just walk straight up to the jump and even walk up it!  The actual wooden structure that the jump is on....you can walk on it!  If that were in England it would be closed off if no one was manning the jump for safety.  Talking about safe, it didn't look safe at all!  The jump itself was made out of old weather wood that looked like it would crack at any moment, I didn't feel safe walking up it at all!  Then when you reach the top you realise that it is so so high, I was shaking and i'm not even scared of heights!  The wind was blowing so strongly at the top of the jump that I couldn't even breathe.  The view was lovely, the experience was not!  After taking in the view, Thomas and I went home to warm up!

I still haven't been able to try out my spark as the snow hasn't been good enough, i'm hoping we have some more soon! I have no more lessons the rest of the week so I get some more time to myself again which will be nice.  I'm going over a friend's house tomorrow so that should be fun.  Bye for now!

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