Saturday, 9 April 2011


Yesterday I finally finished writing my dissertation!  I never thought this day would come!  It feels like a great weight has been taken off of my shoulders.  That was the last piece of Uni work that I have to do too.  So that means technically...i've finished Uni!  It feels so amazing!  I can now just get on with my life.

I started work back at the cafe at Avon Valley Country Park today.  Despite the hassle that I get from the fussy customers, I like being there.  The scenery is really nice and my boss is just like my friend,  of course a few of the people I'm a bit unsure of how to be around them but hey, you can't get on with everyone.

Only 8 weeks to go until I see my boyfriend again now too, I really can't wait.  I miss him so much.  This last week of being back at home though has actually flown by, I think it's because I enjoy being here much more than being stuck in Southampton, so hopefully the next 8 weeks will go by as quickly as this one has.

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