Sunday, 3 April 2011

Welcome Home!

Yesterday I finally came home for the Easter holidays!  Apologies for not writing much within the past few weeks as I have been quite busy with attempting to finish my dissertation before Easter.  I have managed to finish my 3rd and final chapter and I am now very close to finishing my conclusion, I hope to finish it tomorrow and to go through with a final edit.

Today is mother's day in England.  I bought my mum her favorite chocolates and some flowers from both me and my brother.  I also cooked her a roast chicken dinner with upside down pudding for dessert!  It was delicious, even if I say so myself.  I'm stuffed!

I am so glad to finally be home, however I am not so glad about the amount of unpacking I have left to do!  I can't believe I have so much stuff!  I literally had to force my clothes back inside my wardrobe, I'm so glad my boyfriend took my jumpers back to Norway with him, there's no way they'd fit in my wardrobe now, I've no idea how I fit them in there in December!

I really miss Norway at the moment, I miss my boyfriend even more.  We've hardly had any chance to speak this weekend due to me moving back home for the holidays and him visiting his family.  Just sat here waiting for him to come home now, I really can't wait to hear his voice again.  I really do miss him.

Now I'm home for the Easter holidays hopefully i'll have more of a chance to write on here as work don't need me until next weekend.  I've started playing the original Mass Effect on the Xbox 360, so far so good!  I shall keep you updated.

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