Monday, 11 April 2011

Five Minute's Peace

After 4 days of hectic work back at Avon Valley Cafe, I've finally got a day off tomorrow.  I've really enjoyed being back at the cafe, however its really hard work.  There's not a minute's peace and little kids are running round screaming and playing the whole day, not to mention the fussy parents that insist on having their cheese and beans in separate pots with their baked potatoes.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my Grandma for the first time since the end of February when my boyfriend was in England, I'm really looking forward to it, i've missed her quite a lot recently.  I also plan to wash my car as the track down to Avon Valley is extremely dirty.  As well as go through my huge pile of ironing!

It feels really amazing to not worry about uni work anymore.  However it also feels like i've forgotten something, as I'm not used to not having to think about uni anymore, I feel like I should be stressed and writing an essay or something, I'm not used to having my own time back to do what I want!  I guess I better get used to it!

8 more weeks to go until I jet off to Norway to visit Thomas.  I really can't wait!  I'm actually really excited about the flights this time (more than normal anyway)  I'm going to be flying with British Airways this time, they give you free food and drink on the flight!  Plus apparently they have screens so that you can see the plane's position on it's journey, I love knowing that, not all Norwegian Air planes have screens so I'm quite often unsure of where I am until I see the mass of trees that's Norway in the distance - a sight that I love dearly.

Hopefully tomorrow I can wind down a bit from my last few busy and hectic days, fingers crossed I'm not working both Saturday and Sunday this week, then I can spend some quality time with my family for once.

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