Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Productive Day

Today has been a very productive day, so much so that I'm exhausted.  I haven't managed to have a lie in since last week!  Every day i've had off of work so far i've had to get up early!  So tired.

Yesterday was Dad's birthday but unfortunately he had to work so we didn't really do anything, today is Mum's birthday and I had the day off so I took her out for lunch at Chew Valley Lake.  We had a lovely time, eating our lunch with a nice view and then feeding the ducks afterwards, I really enjoyed it.  We all went to Bella Italia in the evening too (Mum, Dad, Thomas {brother} and me).  I'm so full up now.  I've had an enjoyable day though.

Today is also mine and Thomas's 6 month anniversary!  I can't believe we've now been together for 6 months already, I really have no idea where the time has gone.  It really seems to have flown by this year.  This also means that we've now known each other exactly a year yesterday too, time really does fly.  Especially with thinking in 6 months time, i'll be moving to Norway.

After watching my boyfriend catalogue his huge DVD collection online using a profiling software, I decided to search for a book version as books are more my thing.  Low and behold I found one!  It also happens to be free, which is useful.  It allows you to catalogue your books using the title/author/ISBN code.  You can also state whether you plan to read it, you are reading or you've read it.  Also whether you've loaned the book to a friend.  I really love it so far.  It also allows you to create a widget to place on your blog, as you may now notice has appeared at the top right of my blog.  I've added a small selection of the books I own already but hope to add a few more over the coming days.

Back to work tomorrow, I will be working up until Monday, hopefully Tuesday I can have my first lie in since 2 weeks ago.  I definitely need one.

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