Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday in many countries across the world.  This also means that it is a public holiday - the first of many across the next two weeks.  Good Friday is primarily a Christian holiday, this is due to Christians commemorating the day of which Jesus Christ was crucified.  Jesus' crucifixion is thought to have occurred in the year AD 33.  Catholics also see this day as a day for fasting.

In the non religious world (for example - mine).  Good Friday is the day when people get to eat hot cross buns for breakfast (I don't however as i'd rather eat my cereal!).  Hot cross buns are a simple bread bun with a white dough cross on top which is meant to represent the cross of which Jesus was crucified.  They are delicious!

Unfortunately I have been at work all day so I have been unable to eat any hot cross buns at all today.  However they are now made all year round (this is only recent within the past 2 years) so I have already eaten a few this year.

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