Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Firstly, I must start by explaining that yesterday was St George's day, I had such a busy day at work that I completely forgot!  I feel so bad about forgetting!  So here's for yesterday...

St George was a Roman Soldier from Syria and a Priest in the Guard of Diocletian.  There are many stories that state that St George encountered a Dragon and killed it.  However, one story that is definitely known to be true is that St George was a strong Christian believer and whilst he served as a soldier in the army.  During his time in the army, his leader Diocletian, demanded that every Christian soldier should be arrested.  St George objected to this and even visited Diocletian to declare his love to Jesus Christ.  Diocletian was said to be deeply upset by this as St George was one of his best soldiers, however rules are rules and Diocletian ordered for St George's execution.  He was executed by decapitation on April 23rd 303 AD.  It is due to the fact that he stood up to Diocletian and declared his faith that after his death, Christians honoured him by making him the patron saint of England.  The England flag is otherwise known as St George's cross.

Today it was Easter Sunday!  One of my favourite days of the year aside from Christmas day.  Jesus is said to have risen from the dead on this day.  Easter also marks the end of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday (as previously explained in an earlier post).  In the religious community, Easter is a traditional time for people to become baptised.  Also there is a traditional Sunday morning mass at church.  However in the non - religious communities, Easter tends to be the celebration of giving chocolate eggs to loved ones and taking part in easter egg hunts!  

Today my parents hid mini chocolate eggs around the house for me and my brother to find along with some cryptic clues!  We managed to find them all after a long while!  We also exchanged chocolate easter eggs and my Mum and Dad gave me a Lindt chocolate bunny - delicious!  I also made a Simnel cake today which is traditionally made at easter time as it is tradition to cover the cake in marzipan and place 12 marzipan balls around the top of the cake, these are supposed to represents Jesus' 12 apostles.  However no one in my family likes marzipan so I just made the fruit cake!  It contains raisins, sultanas, glace cherries, mixed peel and walnuts.  It came out rather well even if I do say so myself. 

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