Saturday, 17 September 2011

1 step down...plenty more to go!

I finally paid off my car loan today, now I just have to sell it!  I'm one step further to having completed everything in preparation for my big move!  My head feels a little de-stressed, but there's still plenty more bridges to cross until everything is complete.

I have also figured out a way to solve my christmas stocking disaster so I am now back on track with those.  I hope to have all the actual stockings sewn by tonight....note to self - do not get distracted!

Isn't it funny how excited we can get over one thing?  My boyfriend simply mentioned a trip to Ikea when my plane lands in Norway in a few weeks (seeing as its just up the road from the airport) and i'm already searching the website planning what to buy etc...!  For me its mainly baking equipment, seeing as i'm not allowed to ship my kitchen goods to Norway,  I absolutely love baking (as you probably know) so to keep me busy while I wait for my Norwegian lessons to start in November I plan to improve my baking skills!  I'm attempting to take them a step further!  My first plan is to make a few things for a mini halloween party (even if it means just me and my boyfriend!)  Also i'm planning a surprise for my 'in-laws' as we are staying with them for christmas, however I can't write what it is just incase any of them read this! (which I doubt).

I always tend to make myself so busy I never actually have time to sit down and relax, no doubt my boyfriend will be on to me about this AGAIN this winter.  I'm just a planner, a planner never sits still!

I don't quite know how to end this post, my head is buzzing with things I need to do, when it has to be done by, that I feel I should write it here incase I forget!  Perhaps I shall just leave you with this...a rather interesting article I came across this morning...

German police seek help over mystery 'forest boy'

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