Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Day Of Productivity

Today didn't start off quite as I had originally planned, however I managed to finish everything I had on my to-do list!  With the help of my Mum, I cleaned and polished my car ready to sell, my cousin is coming to look at it tomorrow, if she doesn't want it then i'll put it on the internet asap!  I feel so sad that I have to sell it, I really love this car.  It has been the first car that i've actually spent any love/care on.  It was the first car that I bought from a garage and I was only the second owner!  It was my first experience of having a car loan!  I've had it for 2 and a half years now, really don't want to part with it but there's no way that it can come to Norway with me, the poor little engine wouldn't last the trip!

I have also managed to ice the cake that I have made as a practice for my xmas surprise!  (Of whom I cannot mention what it is incase certain people are reading this...)  I actually have quite a headache now due to the strong smell of the icing!  Can't wait to find out if it tastes any good, I originally made it 2 weeks ago now!  No doubt the first tastings will be tomorrow!

So there you have my productive day.  Only 22 days to go now until the big move to Norway, time really is flying by, fingers crossed I manage to complete everything on my to-do list before then!

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