Thursday, 15 September 2011

Meltdown No.2

I can definitely feel another huge meltdown coming on...and this time it has nothing to do with work.  I've just so much to do over the next coming weeks that I'm actually worried whether i'll fit it all in or not.  I knew moving abroad would probably cause a headache but I never thought it would affect me this much.  All this stress is bound to get to me soon, I can just tell.

On a happier note, work today went quite well, despite being back in the cafe.  I have now however written the most important meals down so hopefully I shall try to remember them for next time, this should save me some time in our lunch rush!

On an even happier note!  My Grandma has finally been allowed to go home today from hospital after being in there for 6 weeks due to a couple of fractures.  I'm so happy for her that she's finally home, hospital was really putting her down.  I shall go and visit her tomorrow on one of my only days off this week, I can't wait to see her in her own house again.

I suppose I better finish these christmas stockings that i'm part way through....only 101 days to go!

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