Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I have finally found a shop in Norway that sells Golden Syrup..yippee!!!!  I can't begin to describe how happy that makes me feel!  I can finally make flapjack, yippee!!!

Excitedness and Thomas drove to Osen today to visit his Grandparents, we thought we'd take the chance as he had the day off.  I drove there and Thomas drove back.  It was very strange to be driving in a foreign country again, however I soon got used to it again after a few minutes.  We ate something called 'Meatcakes' with potato and vegetables and some Flat Bread.  I was stuffed!  We then had Jelly and Vanilla
Sauce for dessert, I actually felt like I was about to pop!

Since we have arrived back home, I have been seeing to the Gerbils, today was the first day I attempted to pick them up.  It took me a while to be able to catch them, however I finally managed it!  They didn't nibble or bite me at all, they just sat in my hand!  This is probably because they have had time to get used to the smell of my hand over the past few days.  I'll now make an effort to pick them up at least once a day so that they're fully used to being picked up.  They felt so small and fragile in my hand!

Random Norwegian discovery of the week...The cheese slicer.  Even though I used this on my visit in the summer, I still can't grasp it.  In England I'm so used to just slicing the side of the cheese with a knife.  To then be presented with a cheese slicer is a weird thing.  I still cannot slice the cheese correctly, the cheese just looks as if it has had a massive chunk carved out of it!  I definitely feel foreign when using this...

Tomorrow Thomas has another day off work so we shall probably have a lazy day!  Hopefully i'll be able to bake some flapjack too now that I have Golden Syrup.  Bye for now!

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