Friday, 14 October 2011

A Fresh Start, A New Beginning...Hei Norge!

So here I am, sitting at the computer in Elverum, Norway.  The weather has been absolutely amazing, despite being a little chilly, ever since I arrived yesterday afternoon.  Clear blue skies and bright sunshine, average temperatures of 8 degrees celsius, a lot cooler to that of the temperature back home in England - 17 degrees celsius.

I love the fact that I am finally here to stay however I feel quite homesick.  Yesterday was the worst.  I actually felt like I shouldn't be here, like something wasn't quite right, I missed my family like hell.  I felt like i'd left something hugely important behind, which I have - the most caring, dependable, loving family I could ever wish for, how could I leave that all behind?  I just kept reminding myself of something my Grandma said to me on the phone before I took off from London Heathrow... 'You're starting your life now, it's a new chapter in your life, live it to the full.'  That is what's keeping me going so far.

My boyfriend has been an absolute god send trying to help me feel right here, I know he's trying his absolute best and I love him even more so for it.  I'll be fine soon i'm sure, I just need to settle in, find my place in the community, in Norway.

On a happier note!  Even on my first day here I have accomplished a few targets on my 'What to do when I move to Norway!' list!  For one I have had my name put on my boyfriend's postbox, or as I should probably say now..our postbox!  I met the Landlord who came to sort it out for us, he seemed a very polite man, I was quite chuffed that he was able to speak English!  Or should I say, he had the guts to speak English to me!  What I have found in my other visits to Norway is that many people are actually too embarrassed to talk to me and just smile, or at times ignore me!  So I felt very welcomed speaking to our Landlord!

I have also managed to obtain a library card!  My love for reading can continue!  I feel so chuffed that I have this card now as it feels like my very first connection to Norway itself!  However as I am not a Norwegian Citizen I can only have a local library card and not one that can be used all round the country, which is completely understandable!  A local card is all I shall need for now.  I have an 'easy read' on loan at the moment, as well as a Thomas The Tank Engine book - don't laugh!  I find that by reading children's books in Norwegian, I pick the language up quite quickly!

Thomas and I (my boyfriend) have new additions to our little household!  I would like to introduce....Skye and Freya!



Our new 2-3 month old pet Gerbils!  I apologise for the blurry photos, have you ever tried taking photos of the most hyperactive/curious gerbils?!  They seem to be settling in very well!  After exploring their new surrounding for about an hour or so they soon enough starting getting back to old habits....DIG!  My boyfriend kindly bought them as a present for the 2 of us starting our lives together, I think its also partly to help me settle in a bit, give me some company when he's back at work,  I love these little girls to bits already!

Tomorrow we are heading to Sweden to do some shopping, i'm so excited!  I have always wanted to visit Sweden!  I shall let you know how our little trip goes, but for now....God natt!

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