Friday, 28 October 2011


So today is my cleaning day, and what am I doing? Everything but!  The chance I have to actually be able to do something productive for once and I jut don't feel like doing it, complete 'CBA' mood.  How typical!  I have at least cleaned the gerbils cage, at least that's the most important thing done, they're too adorable to neglect!

We've had to Caretaker visit today to fix our oven door (yippee!) and hopefully, fix our shower, although we won't find out if that's worked until either tonight or tomorrow morning when one of us actually uses the shower (We have to let the silicone dry first before we can use it...).  I've even been out today looking to see if anywhere sells Halloween cards, I wasn't expecting anyone to sell them but I thought i'd check just in case.  I was planning on sending one to my parents as a quick hello, so if you're reading this Mum, Dad and Thomas....Happy Halloween for Monday!!

Do you know what I have also just realised?  Every front door to a home that I have seen so far in Norway opens outwards.  How come i've never noticed this before?  Its so odd!  Even the door to my own apartment opens outwards, I've always found it rather annoying but I've never actually stopped and thought, wait a does everybody else's door!  Its so weird and annoying, they're so much more convenient when they open inwards like they do in England.

I received a lovely parcel today from my Mum!  My up to date disc of programs that i'm missing in England, yippee more things to keep me busy! (i'm not being sarcastic, despite my procrastination today, I really do want things to do, anything!), a net bag to keep my smalls in whilst their in the washing machine! (There's nothing worse than a bra clasp snagging your favourite towel/tights/socks in the wash), and a pretty candle holder:

How lovely!  It now has pride of place among my other candle holders on my book shelf.

Well I suppose I better actually start my weekly apartment might not hear too much from me in the upcoming days as Thomas and I are heading to Osen to visit his family for the weekend, should be nice, despite the fact its meant to be only 2 degrees Celsius on Saturday, oh poo.

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