Monday, 14 February 2011

A Brand New Day!

What a turn around! After such a gloomy weekend i've been the happiest today that i've been in a very long while, despite being absolutely exhausted from the weekend and not being able to sleep last night.  It's like I have a spring in my step!

Last night my boyfriend came back after realising something was up and he managed to cheer me up completely :) he's perfect that way, knows exactly how to make me smile again :)  I guess that's why I feel so happy today, he made me realise that i've been stressing too much over my work and I shouldn't let it get to me at all, made me realise i've been trying to cram so much work in at once when I can only do so much.  Silly me and my high expectations!  So because of that, i've not done any work at all today, decided to give myself a complete rest so that I can start on it again tomorrow.

So i'd just like to say a huge huuge thank you to my boyfriend...Thomas Johan.  You make me feel like the happiest girl alive, you are my world, my everything.  Jeg elsker deg.

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