Thursday, 3 February 2011

Your Song

Didn't get a spot in the raid last night, ended up just doing more uni work.  Still feeling a bit insecure today but I'm a bit happier.  Managed to read through another uni book before I went to work this morning. Nearly finished with my reading now.  I got a new book from the library 'A History of Scandinavia' by T.K.Derry.  I can't wait to read it because not only will I be using the information from this book for my dissertation but also I can't wait to read it for myself.  Especially seeing as I'm going to be moving there in October, I should probably learn a bit about the history of Norway!

Me and my boyfriend have recently decided that i'll definitely be moving out to Norway in October, hopefully sometime in the second week.  I really can't wait!  Only 8 months to go!  My boyfriend said that he'll be able to afford for both of us to come back to England for my graduation at the end of November, I'm so excited!  Also starting to make me panic a little though, I'm just thinking to myself....I need to start getting sorted, e.g tax forms, postal forms, possible police records?  So much to do!  I'm going to start researching what i'll have to do exactly before I move out there.

Only 16 days to go now until my boyfriend comes to England for the first time, I really can't wait to see him :)  we're going to have the best time!  I can't wait for him to meet my family either, I just know that they're going to love him!  I'm going to show him round Bristol when he gets here so he can see where I grew up, then when we come back down to Southampton i'll show him round too, should be fun :)

Going to play a bit of warcraft tonight just to keep me relaxed a little, tomorrow is non stop uni work day (until the evening of course)  Not looking forward to that at all...

Meanwhile, here's my favourite song ever. (I'm using it to practice my singing at the moment!) I suggest you listen to it.  It's bound to make your hairs stand up.

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