Sunday, 27 February 2011

What An Amazing Week

This last week has been the best i've had in a long while.  My boyfriend came to visit from Norway, really wish he didn't have to go yesterday...

I took him home to Bristol to meet my parents, my brother and my grandma,  all of whom thought he was really nice and enjoyed his company! :)  I gave him a tour of Bristol and the surrounding area as I also drove to Clevedon and Weston-Super-Mare, despite it being a dark and wet day, we had a wonderful time and he took plenty of pictures!  I let him have his first taste of fish and chips from a chip shop!  I can't believe they don't have any in Norway!  It was a pity that they didn't taste too brilliant though, however I think he enjoyed it even so.

I then brought him back to Southampton where I gave him a quick tour and he stocked up on cheap games!   (Cheap for a Norwegian anyway!)  We also went to Bella Italia, my favorite restaurant, of which he thoroughly enjoyed, so much so he made me promise that we would make a point of going there again every time we visit England once i've moved to Norway!  Yippee!

It was so hard, yet again, to say goodbye to him at the airport, I stayed until I could no longer see him after he'd walked through Security.  It literally feels like my heart has been ripped to a million shreds now that he's not here.  I've had a complete breakdown this weekend.  So much worse than normal, I guess it could be because i'm now used to seeing him in my apartment with me, rather than me visiting Norway instead.  I just can't seem to hold myself together, I knew I was going to be bad this weekend once he'd gone but I had no idea that I would be this bad.  Hopefully i'll be a bit better once i'm back at work tomorrow.

Really not looking forward to starting back at work though.  I mean I really love my job, don't get me wrong!  I've just gotten used to having the time off now!

I've now got 1 month to finish the majority of my work.  I have a funny feeling that this month is going to go super quick, too quick for my own liking.

I booked my tickets to Norway for the summer yesterday, 13 weeks and 6 days until I see Thomas again! <3

And before I go...did I mention i'd quit World of Warcraft?  No?  ...I can't believe it either ;)

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