Saturday, 5 February 2011

Interesting Finds...

Today has been quite a relaxing day.  I've read a few books towards my dissertation, I only have 2 left now 'The Satanic Bible' and 'The Companion To The Satanic Bible'.  They should be...interesting.  I was hoping to make a start on my first chapter this weekend but due to still reading books and having to work on the sound effects for the game my uni group is working on, I just haven't had the time!

My boyfriend found an interesting website today  it's a place where you can create an account and check all the movies that you have watched.  After doing this, the website then recommends movies that you may like by using information from other users who like the same movies.  You can also become friends with other people and compare which movies you both like and see if there are any movies that they watched that you may be interested in.  So far I have checked 191 films, i've still thousands of movies to search through!

Exactly 14 days to go until I see my boyfriend...I really can't wait!

Played warcraft quite a bit yesterday, mostly on my alt priest.  Really impressed with how fast she's leveling!  I'm leveling it with my boyfriend's shaman which makes it even more fun.  I'm really quite impressed with how i've taken to playing a priest too.  My main character is a warlock which is pretty easy seeing as you don't have that many responsibilities.  Whereas on my priest I now have a whole lot of responsibilities!  If anyone dies....I get the blame!!  That's why I was a bit weary of playing this class at first  because I get stressed quite easily but so far i've been able to manage quite well, i've surprised myself!

I came across an amazing song in world of warcraft today whilst on my warlock, it literally made my hairs stand up!  It's called 'Nightsong'  it's incredible.  I suggest you listen.

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